“I first met Sarah Ribnick Kosasky by phone, 3,000 miles away. I owned a house in BHPO, that had as they say, issues.  I’d had other agents working to get me what I needed with this property, and by mail the stream of letters from brokers was ceaseless.

My point? Every one will tell you: they are tops at what they do, they go the extra mile, that they can succeed far beyond your expectation (and where others failed:)  But my experience with Sarah clearly demonstrated that all of the above was TRUE…and then some!
So after Sarah solved issues, sold the house-what did I do? Gave her ANOTHER house I owned to sell.
And she DID! with an all cash 45 day closing! Kind of takes your breath away, doesn’t it?  A breath of fresh air she is, not smoke up a chimney-and no hot air ever!
She is what she says she is, she gets done what she says she’ll do.  That is a REAL Real Estate broker.
Full Disclosure: as for promises of “Friendly Service”? She’s become a friend and I recommend her highly!”
-Robin Strasser
“Sarah was the perfect Realtor for me. She was extremely knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire process. I was very nervous buying my first home, but Sarah made it quite enjoyable. She was patient with me, listened to what I wanted, and came through with flying colors. I couldn’t be happier with my home, which Sarah made sure to get for me at a great price. I highly recommend Sarah…you won’t be disappointed.”
-Aaron K.
“Sarah Kosasky has always been very professional, responsive, patient and helpful with me. I would only work with Sarah for my real estate needs, and highly recommend her to my close friends and family on a regular basis.”
-David Z.
“The best real estate agent in Los Angeles!”
-Jack Gerlach

“Sarah’s capabilities and integrity were invaluable in helping me to resolve
a complicated real estate challenge. Because of her involvement the
deal was successfully completed and everyone was a winner!
I highly recommend her! She was a joy to work with on all levels.”
Rita Rivest